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Honestly, sometimes I have my doubts about whether western society is worth saving

Spoiler’d for self-doubt and WORDS WORDS WORDS.

Not only are the threats to western culture of our own design, but we’ve grown so fat, lazy, and, as much as I hate to say it, privileged, that we can’t see the unsustainability of our lifestyle. 

I supposed I have to concede that white privilege exists. It’s the privilege that comes from living in your own land with your own people. But it’s like the matrix- it fools us and keeps us docile. Our white privilege blinds us to our own downfall. We’ve taken the benefits of our own land and people for granted, and now we can’t see the elements, both foreign and domestic, that slowly want to tear down everything we have going for us. I thought, and still cling on to the idea that if we wised up, and honestly were aware of what we had, we as a culture would see how it was threatened and fight to protect it.

But sometimes I think the only way we’ll ever be able to save the west is to let it self-destruct. We can warn people about cultural marxism all we want, but perhaps our best bet is to let it destroy everything, and then try to rebuild the world. Part of me still wants to believe that we the people will wake up before it’s too late, but the other part thinks that the only way the cancer plaguing our society will be destroyed is if the host dies first.

And then, if western society collapses, can we even save it? When we’ve lost everything we’ve taken for granted, will we notice? What if, in our laziness, we applaud the loss of our privilege? Do then, we deserve to be saved? If our culture sinks to such a low where it is beyond redemption, what becomes of use nationalists?