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Regarding Transexuals

Well, since most people on the right wing have earned the ire of the trans community again, I think it’s time that I speak up and proceed to piss everyone off by being vaguely centrist on the issue.

Obviously, I think transexuals are not evil, freakish monsters. Now I might think poorly of most transsexuals, but generally that’s because they’re islamist/communist/anti-fa/cultural marxist/etc. Their gender identity isn’t an issue, their reprehensible political views are. After all, people ignore my sexuality/disability to attack me for my views, so fair’s fair.

I’m not in any way shape or form an ally of the contemporary trans community. I firmly believe in traditional gender roles, and a strong gender binary. But unlike many of my far-right companions, I think that people can choose between being man or woman. I also think that “trans” is a good descriptive word- it describes a transition. If a man wants to be a woman, he must be prepared for hormone therapy and corrective surgery, as well as counseling to assist him through the grueling process.

But what of the people in transition? At what point does the man become a woman? It’s certainly a tricky subject. Part of the problem is the attitude shift is out of sync with the physical shift. A man in transition will adapt a female mindset before he fully becomes a female. This goes without saying. It’s certainly a grey area, and something I don’t have a concrete answer on. That being said, as the binarist transsexual poses no menace to the social order, I feel a proper society should be more than willing to accept them. 

Am I your best friend? Not necessarily. My acceptance has exceptions, as they say. But I’m certainly not a bitter enemy. And not everyone else on the far right is, either! While I take a risk of alienating some of my allies by accepting the trans community into conservatism, I feel that most of you should feel welcome among us.

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