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The “Noah Steadman” controversy has me over here laughing my ass off

OK, let’s go to 4chon, where on /new/ “anonymous” has been replaced with “steadman” because of how this whole thing started.

See, Noah Steadman began originally posting on /new/ when “anonymous” was still the default. He used a tripcode, but an unsecure one. Thus, while we can assume his original posts weren’t V&-worthy, /new/ trolls began posting under the name “Steadman”. Most of these posts are now being used as “Evidence” to suggest that Noah Steadman’s protest of diversity is somehow leading to violence. In reality, a few armchair pranksters have gotten the technologically impotent left to piss themselves.

People are getting all riled up over nothing simply because they don’t understand imageboard technology, and it’s the funniest damn thing to me.