My name, face, age, and such are unimportant. This is a blog for me to share, ponder aloud, and overall stop sitting on the sidelines and contribute to nationalist and reactionary causes.


I like how the NRA has done more for female empowerment and women’s causes than most activist groups, but feminists will never praise them

They really hate it whenever someone that isn’t kosher does their thing better than them

And that just cracks me up every time

If the left wants to keep pushing this idea of a “war on women” why do they insist on disarming them?

How can you take the guns out of the hands of the battered wife, the rape victim, etc., and then call yourself pro-women?

A person’s rights require a right to bear arms in order to protect these rights. Thus being in favor of gun control AND women’s rights is incredibly hypocritical.

Why do people think that being an anti-feminist makes me an MRA?

While I acknowledge that male privilege is a myth, I still refuse to accept the label of an MRA.

The average MRA is an incompetent imbecile who blames females for his own romantic shortcomings. He is much like the feminist in that he uses oppression as an excuse for inadequacy. The MRA’s version of misandry is warped and twisted, much like the feminist’s version of misogyny. Not only that, but many identify as Egalitarian. I have already stated my objection to the idea that all are equal, and I think that stands clear. 

So while I haven’t gotten that label yet, I would ask you to hesitate before describing me with those terms. 

Why do people think that they are entitled for their tags to be a “safe space”?

Hm, let’s go on the white nationalism tag: OH LOOK 99% OF IT IS BASHING WHITE NATIONALISTS.

But am I going to through a hissy fit? Of-fucking-course not! Because I don’t have little entitlement issues about something as trivial as a tumblr tag. The very idea of a “Safe space” reeks of entitlement issues. It means “A spot where everyone will agree with me and there will be no dissent whatsoever.” In these little controlled-speech-zones, any dissent is “harassment”. It’s a pathetic little hugbox combined with a circlejerk. It’s pathetic, and it just creates even more entitlement.

Let me wake you up: There is no such thing as a “safe space”. You are NEVER entitled to have everyone agree with you. Everyone is entitled to dissent from your beliefs.

And that brings me to blocking. In my few months of blogging, I have blocked absolutely no one. Even the people who have threatened me, insulted me, and spammed my askbox with female deer. Meanwhile, plenty of others have blocked me. To be honest, I can’t stand tumblr’s blocking mechanism, if only due to the fact that if you are blocked by enough people, tumblr puts a gag on you, affectionately dubbed the “ghost note”. It’s censorship by the masses, and I find it abhorrent. It goes back to the same entitlement mentality as the “safe spaces” and is utterly disgusting.

Another thing I don’t get is why people are so Anti-patriarchy

The patriarchy got us this far, didn’t it? I’d say that things are pretty good with men running the world. It gets shit done. 

The equal pay activists confuse me




Newsflash sweetie, companies don’t like whiners. 

So Feminists now want to ban subreddits they don’t like?

Remember the activist motto: “FREE SPEECH IS ONLY SPEECH I AGREE WITH”

I mean christ Reddit is unoriginal shit anyway, but at least I’ll stand for their freedom of speech. 

An interesting experiment done by someone on 4chan on women and their attitudes towards gay men.

My friend and I conducted an experiment last night: May 15th, 2012.
In short, my friend and I would go to random bars in my Northeastern United States town. We would walk in, holding hands, and pretend to be gay. We would enter each bar and talk to no one but each other for 15 minutes. If no one talked to us by then, we would find a way to strike up conversation with women. We dressed well and were groomed to perfection. We looked fabulous. 
The experiment’s purpose was to find how women react around men they presume are gay. And the results were sickening:

>on multiple occasions we were asked to make out with each other by large groups of women. We were coerced, cheered on, and made a mockery of just so these groups of women could see two men make out. This one disturbed me the most because we both made it very clear to these groups that we are not doing that, and were embarrassed. It did not matter to them. Our feelings took a backseat to women’s sick pleasure of masculine submission.

>on multiple occasions we were touched inappropriately, in the genitals, ass, etc. Every set of rules was now off the table because ‘we are gay and it doesn’t matter’.

>Despite the fact that we we’re gay, we were hit on many, many times. We were called sexy, hot, cute, etc. by waves of women.

>Women bought us many drinks, some men did as well after their date would ask him to.

>On two occasions we were asked if we wanted to go back to one of their apartments. Disregarding the fact that we were two large males (I am 6’2” he is 6’0”) who could easily steal all your shit, rape you, and kill you. For some reason, after <5 minutes of conversation we were trustworthy. To women Gays cannot commit crimes.

>we heard constantly, over our shoulders and in group conversation, how ‘cute’ we are together. We would look behind us, and all around us, and there was always at least someone staring at us.

>almost incessantly we heard how great it is that we are gay and expressing ourselves. When asked to elaborate on why it is so great, they could not, and instead turned to how ‘brave’ we are. Before I could offer a rebuttal women talked over me about my bravery. Even men joined in on this one.

The first observation is of course, clear evidence of misandry. The women in question treat gay men like sex objects, and proves that male objectification actually exists. 

The second observation is of course, an even more damning piece of evidence of a double standard. If a man groped or molested a lesbian stranger, the consequences would be outrageous. Yet with women, doing it to a gay stranger is socially permissible. 

The rest of the evidence goes on and on to suggest that there is a serious issue of misandry and objectification of homosexuals by women. People continue to act like gay men are a woman’s best friend, when in reality they have become more like accessories or objects to them. While straight men face their own stereotypes, gay men certainly are mistreated by women, almost in the same manner that women claim to be mistreated as by men- they are seen as more of an object than a person. Annoyingly enough, many of these “fag-hags” are feminists, and are either ignorant or in denial of their own harmful outlook.

Now bisexual men, I can say from experience, face their own struggles, one of which is the “Sassy-gay-friendzone.” I don’t want to confuse this with the term that fedora-wearing imbeciles use to describe their romantic ineptitude, but rather the heterosexual woman’s outright denial of bisexuality:  To them if a man is attracted to a man, then he is gay and cannot possibly be attracted to women. I think this applies primarily to heterosexual girls- bisexual ones seem to have a greater degree of empathy for bisexual men for obvious reasons (however for whatever reason they often wind up as friends rather than romantic partners- very rarely do the two ever develop a mutual attraction. I’m curious as to why and think it deserves more looking into).